Saturday, November 01, 2008

lesbian mannequins....

this was sent in over the weekend when i was away on a last moment work conference. i was checking my email on sunday at a mall cybercafe (and btw this blog is blocked) and while i saved the search i misplaced the sender. sorry! thanks for sending them in.

these would make perfect illustrations to TSG's short fetish fiction which i published on the blog earlier called The Wand. though for sure the images should spark off some other ideas for those lurking writers out there.

the link which was sent to me is here where there's a few PATINA female mannequins. if you would like to have this gorgeous couple adoring your boudoir then click here.

i've also had an encouraging email from a fictionmania authoress Jenni Andrews who stumbled on this blog only to discover she's not alone in this weird or strange fetish. she gave me a link to one of her stories "Stiff Consequences" on the site as it deals with the same kinky subject matter.

the details in the permanent transformation into the mannequin is really well done but there's a pretty icky 'eating scene' that makes this NSF and really too extreme to be hosted on my blog. she did kindly offer to do a more 'G' rated version although its simpler to just link to the original and give a bit of a warning to the squeamish.

hopefully she'll find inspiration and write more which i can post here.



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