Sunday, November 30, 2008

a uk ebayer with a great selection

one of those questions i get emailed regularly by people wanting to start off with something in latex is what to get and where to get it?

i generally warn them off molded items unless is something basic like gloves or a skirt. then the Q arises of where? ebay is a great source as its an international market place and with the dollar very strong against the pound you can get a really good deal.

one ebay store that has a quality range of clothes is Yap 295 - from basic stockings to full catsuits with a few items in between.

i've not ordered from them yet but they have good feedback and the catsuits start at £99 if its your size. so that's about 150$.

another trick i've found when wanting to get something for the best price on ebay is to use bid groups at Auction Sniper. essentially you make all the snipes as normal of the same product be it a catsuit or a digital camera. then you move them into a bid group and when you win the item at the right price the remainder of the snipes are cleared.

happy bidding.



Miss Fuzzy Bunny said...

Yeah, I've been noticing them. It's Murray and Vern I'm pretty sure, but I don't know anything about those lower priced separates from FU Baby Latex. Will be interested in hearing about their quality if you buy any of them!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't sure how to get a hold of you asdum, but i came across the following horror film while wandering around the internet:
Delerium and the Dollman


Anonymous said...

lady gaga's poker face, has alot of latex, the new video that is. she generally wears alot of latex

check it out
: )

blackice said...


The dollar is stronger than ever to the pound as I just discovered when trying to do a large purchase of a 3D 10 slide drum viewer.

Its now 1.44$ to 1£... agghhh

Will need to rethink any plans of buying from the US now.


Anonymous said...

this seller is actually Murray and Vern to my knowledge. I have bought tons from them here in London and their quality is awesome.

Anonymous said...

definately a Murray and Vern entiprise!!