Monday, November 10, 2008

the strangers masks

i've still not seen the film but the film posters and stills do have a certain dark and kinky feel too them. the two woman's masks are much closer to idealised and cartoon dolls than the female masks that are on ebay and other sites.

i had a look around as did someone else on yahoo answers for the masks.

the blonde girl mask seems to be be the hardest to find but one pop'd up on ebay here. however either the images is pretty crappy or the mask itself. can't really tell but it did sell.

the easiest Strangers mask to make by anyone with a bit of sewing skills is the bag man. more complex is the retro pin up girl. both are available at unsurprisingly - The Strangers Mask. the measurements make them look somewhat small. the same problem i discovered with the blank white masks i had posted about earlier.

so keep you eyes peeled as there maybe proper ones released in time for next halloween.


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