Sunday, November 23, 2008

must visit - the bootlovers blog

i've been meaning to make an entry about the Boot Lovers Blog since i stumbled across it a few months ago. like a lot of entries, i assemble the research, upload the images, make some notes and then something else gets done first which slides the earlier entries further into the past.

The Boot Lovers Blog is a companion blog too - unsurprisingly - Boot Loves Magazine which is up to a stunning 64 digital issues. the blog is updated pretty regularly with a combination of great fashion scans as well as shoots and information on the new issues of said magazine.

new issue has a spread on latex fetish goddess Jean Bardot and 60's boots. have a look at Boot Loves Magazine as there's both preview images and video.

the woman who runs the blog has a great eye for fashion spreads in european magazines and seems to be buying all the issues i can't afford. the results are posted on the blog.

there's also some interesting insights on her obsession with boots with her entry They never DID fit me right anyway... and highlights a curious dilemma Booted Up: Why are there so many single and female boot fetishists?.

so go over and explore the blog; there's more than just pretty pictures of gorgeous boots.



BurnRubberV8 said...

The best "Boot" forum out there is which is updated with picture postings constantly.

Earluqyw said...

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