Friday, November 28, 2008

the mannequin vibe...

has returned in a big way for me now. 

it started a week or so ago in a shopping mall where i was utterly entranced by a set of them in their chic fashions and timeless life. then as mentioned in an earlier post, i managed to d/l the episode of how to they make mannequins. i skimmed through it to get the idea and then it struck me that i could pull frames from the show and make my own little fetish story from it. my mind started racing in part as the hands are not fiberglass but the same plastic as plastic pipes. all it needs is some heat to shape it.

then an email came in this morning from a regular silent contributor from the UK with two links. Six mannequin heads on ebay in australia no less and a collectable still photo of Kim Novak posed as a mannequin.

anyone know the film this is from? is it the twilight zone episode perhaps?

then another email Arseniy with two links to taszjekt's photo's on deviant art. the first one is bellow. do have a look at the 2nd and the rest of his work.

Smooth and plastic part 1 by ~taszjekt on deviantART

his full collection is at his deviant art collection is here.

and it could be possible to feel like a mannequin according to recent research;

Volunteers experienced the body-swap illusion by receiving simultaneous visual and motor input from another’s body. In one experiment, each participant stood across from a male mannequin, and in another experiment volunteers faced a female experimenter. A headset covering participants’ eyes displayed a three-dimensional view of the other’s visual perspective, transmitted from a small video camera positioned on the mannequin’s or the woman’s head.

in the mannequin situation, an experimenter simultaneously touched the participant’s belly and the mannequin’s belly with separate probes. So the volunteer felt a poking in the abdomen but saw the poking happen as if he or she were the mannequin. In the real-person situation, participant and experimenter shook hands. Thus, while volunteers felt the sensation of hand shaking, it appeared to them that they were shaking their own hand. After 10 to 12 seconds of abdominal touch or hand-shaking, male and female participants spontaneously had the experience of looking out from the body of the male mannequin or the female experimenter. They literally felt that they were in the mannequin’s body getting poked or had embodied the female experimenter and were shaking their own hands.

the full article is here.



Anonymous said...

The experiment sounds like the one referenced over on K-8's Conscious Object blog. The original story is here:

Steve M

RJ said...

Christmastime in San Francsico means time for the Dickens Fair and with it, Dark Garden Corset's living mannequin windows. I've got oodles from years past in my LJ gallery.

I'll have more from this year up within the week.

Marlene said...

Adusem -- The pic is actually from the movie Jeanne Eagels.

If you can look close enough, the pic has her co-starring with Jeff Chandler, and the Internet Movie Data Base brings this entry:

It's a biographical film.