Saturday, November 01, 2008

secretly show off your ASFR leanings...

this was sent in by a UK reader who found it at New Look when looking to see what they had in the way of latex or latex like leggings.

now how much more of a way is there to show your ASFR interest than wearing giant retro robot? well actually wearing a gaint retro robot of a silver zentai suit is one idea. this however is mainstream fashion now.

and they would look good with the metallic silver or gold leggings now wouldn't they?

good news they were on sale, bad news they're sold out otherwise i'd have one of my UK regular contributors buy me one.



Anonymous said...

ooh i want.

blackice said...


Had a look and they only have the smaller sizes. I'm that way on wed so will pop in and see what is still available in the actual shop.


blackice said...

Hi Ingrid

Just back from town and New Look. Sorry - they're out of stock.

Ask someone else in the UK who can get to different branches?