Tuesday, November 18, 2008

its all in the styling..

its an area that fascinates me and i'm always collecting examples and occasionally posting them.

previous entries were the 'before and after' beauty pageant were everyone looked the same with big hair and garish make-up and kate moss photoshopped.

well here's another one from the UK with Since Cheryl from Girls Aloud. the article starts: Since Cheryl Cole catapulted to fame as an X Factor Judge earlier this year, it seems the whole nation has fallen under her spell.

Groomed-to-perfection, the Girls Aloud star has attracted an army of fans, a premiership football husband, and a career that's going from strength to strength.

But it wasn't always the case.
continues here (go read it for all the before and after shots).

and its just not her, but the entire band she's that looks liked just like normal teenagers and they've now been remade into models while one looks they went too far as she pretty well looks to be made of pastic.



BurnRubberV8 said...

Normally I laugh off boy or girl "bands." They are most always not even close to being a band. Sheepishly, I have to admit that Girls Aloud actually have some fairly decent songs. "Sexy, No, No, No" is a really hot, catchy song, and the video was astounding. I am still really bummed that nobody ever released it in HD, or released any outtakes or just the full video with them wearing the catsuits. While three of the girls are fairly regular looking, Cheryl Cole definitely stands out. The extremely pale one looks really out of place, but from what I've read, the English boys like her a lot.

RJ said...

By doll do you mean Nicola Roberts?

Anonymous said...

No one likes the ginner.