Saturday, November 22, 2008

soon to be used in Supernatural?

which is a gold mine of 70's rock music and one of my favourite shows too. a track listing of music used on an season by season basis is here.

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very shiny leggings. wonder if its real latex or pvc. there's clues to show it wasn't made in the US, but rather in the UK where fetish fashion is far more available.



Anonymous said...

it is not in UK. In UK you drive on the left side of the track so whell is on right side of trucks

Fawsten Gayle said...

Hi Asudem,Have you received and or tried, your neck entry suit from Germany yet? Love your blog.

blackice said...


Looks like the UK to me by the scenery and buildings. The truck brand is definately British and it could be a european model as they drive on the opposite side like the US too.


clackmannan said...

I'm > 95% certain this is filmed in the UK ...

- it's a Leyland tuck, a British make of HGV. Just because it's LHD doesn't mean it wasn't filmed in England

- the number plate is in English format

- at 1:16, there's a shot of the truck going down the road. On the left hand side of the video you can see the other carriageway going in the opposite direction

- the tunnel sequence between 1:50 and 2:09 looks very much like the old Dartford Tunnel in London, which is interesting to drive since it doesn't go in a straight line.

BurnRubberV8 said...

Supernatural is my favorite current TV show as well. The soundtrack is pretty amazing for a network show.