Saturday, November 22, 2008

wendy's shiny skirt

well not hers yet as far i know, though it was posted posted on her her blog here. lots of chatter in the comments about it too.

the LNA latex skirt was originally from Shop Bop and when i originally saw the entry on it, the skirt was totally sold out. guess thats the power of fashion bloggers for you.

now there's some available in medium if you want to get one. price is $66 and like the latex like leggings its best to mix and match them.

there's some debate about them over at The Fashion Police and the results are generally for it. looks like the fashionistas are for black and shiny.

you can also buy one at still available at eLuxury and Singer22 which illustrates my own observation that if something fetishy is framed in a haute couture or stylish way its much more acceptable to mass market.

is this where the latex designers are falling down and being over run by mock latex wannabes???

unsurprisingly K+T famous for their overpriced leggings are also doing a very similar skirt and why not they have the material already.

if your in the UK you can get them at Bunny Hug and on the same page check out all the different latex like leggings out there if you want to go the faux route.



WendyB said...

I haven't gotten it but still admire it from afar!

blackice said...


Not seen any of the skirts yet in the UK but this morning there was one of those charity fundraisers definately wearing latex like leggings.

Loads of window displays with the silver and gold ones on mannequins. The large NEW LOOK has them in a pretty decent glossy black at £12.