Sunday, November 16, 2008


does american apparel sell sharpies?

a full range can be found here assuming you don't buy them a normal stationary shop. what next - golf balls at lingerie boutique?

is it to customize their plain basic clothes with personal touches? would these touches be doll joints?


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Anonymous said...

I bet the Official Story is that they are for Employee Use only--for marking prices and/or shipping purposes....

But....if they offer those shiny leggings in *more than* basic black, then yeah, I could see the doll-joint potential.

Not to mention, it takes *days* for the stuff to wash off skin. Can you say Weekend Raggedy Anne look? ^__^

Also, some folks still find the scent of the markers intoxicating.

In short, Asudem, you may well be on to something. ^__^

But hey, this isn't something anyone would *admit to*, right? ^_~

--Bradley Poe