Sunday, August 02, 2009

are women evolving?

an interesting video clip posted on The Huffington Post about: Chicago's local Fox affiliate aired a startling report about scientists claiming that evolution is causing women to become more beautiful.

Apparently, researchers found that beautiful women are reproducing at a higher rate and that they have a higher proportion of girls to boys.

Men, however, are staying the same, according to the researchers.

i'm still waiting for an opportunistic business to start cloning models from their skin cells and selling them to couples.


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Mundus said...

I must admit I have thought this but also that women will become more hairy in future.

If you think about it, as hair removal becomes more reliable then body hair becomes less of an issue for women when courting. However, although their hair is gone, their genetics don't change leading to women getting more and more hairy in future.

Maybe thats why latex enclosure is becoming more common? ;-)