Thursday, August 27, 2009

paris does latex as does gaga

at least once that there's public photographic proof of. which has me wondering having gone through the Kinky Gerlinky Forum a few times now that most models and singers have worn latex at some point in their career? can any photographers or models or famous people reading this blog confirm my suspicions?

is it becoming so common place now even as a 'risque' garment that its loosing its supposed fashion edge? another trend that will burn itself out soon leaving us devotees and addicts to wear it more easily in public?



Anonymous said...

pop stars and celebs are very fashion and image conscious and are often out ahead of a trend which makes it to main street, Madonna literally drover strett fashion for years.

Latex is sexy, a bit less hard and tough than leather and more adaptable to female fashion in a new way. It has raised the consciousness of fetish in genreal, ie that objects and role play are OK for sex, ie aside from missionary naked sex we are taught in the birds and bees. Is that taught anymore?

Something else will rise to prominence as a fashion choice for celebs and the use of latex will fade and appear old. it will return to its fetish niche and be associated only with kink, ie not street fashion.

Yet we are tending to be a more and more permissive society and in cosmopolitan cites the fashion police hold less sway and all looks seem to be OK (if you have the right footwear) with the right accessories and hair.

It's not a comfortable material in the end, delicate, expensive, hard to get on and off, needs to be polished and re polished, leaves silicon on whatever it touches and become dull...But when styled it looks great and why is works online and in PR efforts - very controlled and often easily photoshopped efforts.

I say enjoy it while it lasts because for any number of reasons you won't be seeing it as much in the not too distant future.

Just a guess.

LatexFetishGirl said...

You should know Paris and Lady Gaga are very good friend since childhood. Anyway both are known for exciting and I love it. In fact, latex is currently a nice "trend" for stars to cause a stir. So I agree it's a part of modern times.

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