Thursday, August 13, 2009

continuing stories series

if your not a regular visitor to MC Stories then do head over there and have a look at all the mind control stories on archive there. better than a 1000 photo's of Bianca Beauchamp in latex imho.

two of my favourite writers of MC fiction are NanoSlaver whose Thaasophobe i've reread too many times to count. i am actually been pushing some SL designers to recreate the "Lesbian in a Bottle" as an RLV experience in-world. Nano has a new series which is just starting up called The Dreamer’s Masque: Welcome to Eros Park which is proving to be getting more kinky with every chapter - go have a read.

the other author that just so "gets it" and delivers every time is Thrall who has started a new series called My Very Own Serial Number which is now awaiting additional chapters to be added by the archive owner. if you can't wait for that to happen then head over to Thrall's blog here and look at her latest entry for a link to chapter 2.

enjoy the best images ever :-)


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