Friday, August 07, 2009

cosplayers are getting attention

looks like good images of people enjoying cosplay is attracting photo editors of national newspapers- or at least those in the UK.

view the entire collection of thirty images at The Daily Telegraph.

for all you anime and manga experts out there - what are titles with dolls in them? are there costumes from these series for sale?



blackice said...


Would you believe that I bumped into an actual EGL in Brighton today? Wasn't sure if she was local or Japanese. Her boyfriend was definitely oriental.

Latex like leggings still a plenty down here and saw several in London on wednesday too.

Trend continues.


Anonymous said...

Dolls/Robots/Artificial people are huge in Anime. The quintessential doll anime is Chobits, and the main character Chii. Check it out!

Roen said...

I've probably mentioned this to you before, but Rozen Maiden centers on dolls as well.

hanzoushinrei said...

I like Sabre Marionette and Super Doll Licca. Both are (family-friendly) stories bout living dolls.

And for ASFR,Space Symphony Maetel (a queen turns into a clockwork doll)