Saturday, August 15, 2009

i should have done it before

Bound by *Cunninghand on deviantART

i've had a Deviant Art basic account for some time now and i use it to communicate with the artists and writers i like. one of who has a comic thread where her 'dolly' converts bastard ex-boyfriends into living dolls which she keeps locked up in the basement. i'd be her first female victim and suggested some sort of tiff get onto her bad side and suffer her wrath. so far no reply. go have a look and a read of Leila Stoat's Dolly series.

something about being made into a dolly by a EGL goth girl is just soo.... yes.

masks by ~elenaevil on deviantART

what i totally forgot to do over this past year is to 'collect' the images i liked. so to kill some mental downtime over the last couple of days i dutifully worked through some favourite artitsts and then their favourites too. unsurprisingly i am Asudem Latex there and do send me any links to work you like.

there's probably way more but i can be pretty fussy and well since i've started looking at Deviant Art i've simply saved them to my hdd. oh well add that to my 'to do' list for the blog.


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