Friday, August 07, 2009

second life fetish events

my life in second life has been somewhat more random than it usually is. first off the doll island where i normally reside within a special case which catches and traps me the second i log in has been upgraded to 'adult' so that if you can't prove your age you simply get bounced out of the area.

so that i was and ended up looking around as i am mainly a collectors doll - a full rubber pink one admittedly - wearing a locked on outfit from Hybidz. now i realized a few months ago that i could actually match the outfit but in black. i already have the ballet boots, tights, skater skirt, top and gloves. i just needed the eyeless inflatable hood which i found on ebay from Elana's Latex. i now have it and waiting for the designer to make me one in black. once thats made - second life and real life will collide and it will be weirder and more latexy world for me. in some ways it may bind me deeply with my avatar in the magical sense.

actually sometimes its faster to get latex made in second life and other times real life. POC for one is really fast and matched Fantastic Rubber's mannequin catsuit pretty quickly.

while i've yet to get my workload organised to get to a major UK or EU fetish event, the possibility of attending in world events is likely if i'm not trapped by a rlv device. as of saturday you can attend The Latex Fetish Wear Fashion Week with more information here or on the thorough SL Fetish Fashion Blog. just hope they aren't all in Adult areas as i've not parted with my credit card information to buy any L$ which apparently is the easiest way to prove your age. my too-do list is never ending.

another event to intrigue and delight is the very clockwork / steampunk DV8 launch bellow. if anyone has the link please post it.



Marrie said...

Latex Fetishwear Fashion Week LM (Mature sim)

Arsenic & Old Brass Party at CLub Gothika LM (Adult sim)

Rena K said...

Long time admirer of the blog, first time poster... I spend a little time on SL every now and then, too, and didn't want to surrender the information they're using to verify age. A little poking around and... ta da!

Follow the directions contained therin. (And keep up the good work!)