Thursday, August 27, 2009

summer sales continue

for a few more days at Libidex who were quick to notice a few years ago that its hot in the summer and people wear way less latex then. sales slumped so they decided to shore up their books with a sale which now appears to be an annual event and is a full 25% across all their off the peg items.

i've build up my collection and restock of their latex leggings / tights this time of year thanks to a weak pound to dollar and of course the annual sale.

with their new colors its really worth a visit to see that there's much more than basic black. some oooh so perfect for your inner mannequin, sex doll or barbie.



Billy said...

Well, I don't know if libidex pay you for advertisement - sorry if so. I dealt with them once, and will never recommend them to anyone. Salesmen are boor and somewhat stupid, garments are oversized (although the overall quality seems to be ok), postage is slow and expensive.
Very very negative impressions. Maybe you could deal with them in person (when they see your fist) but never order from them online.

Billy said...

Yes, an addition. You might think I'm trying to find quarrel in a straw having dealt with libidex only. No. I love to order from Simon O, they're intelligent and careful with their clients, so are Fantastic Rubber, Polymorphe, Erolatex et cetera.