Sunday, August 02, 2009

myspace for hypnotists and subjects

my googling leads me to various places and curious cross over news stories. in last weeks latest sessions i found a myspace like place for hypnotists and subjects:


i've joined up and now have an account there. within it there's a few groups which are specifically related to latex and rubber. these are Catgirls Rubberdoll Academy, dolls place and the latex leather lycra lust group. so far i've noticed there's not too much chat or msgs in these groups so wonder if the entire hypnotize section is very new.

if you want an invite then feel free to ask me in email or simply sign up directly. the entire snappville layout feels exactly like Myspace which i've done my best to avoid but this one tickled my quest for rubber hypnosis so i joined. you can do all the normal stuff a social networking site does including your own blog with it. however when i posted on my blog there that this wasn't my real blog and giving my real blog url several people posted in comments a swift hand slap so deleted the entire blog.

good news is that i have found someone there who has done doll hypnosis before and is going to latexify me with hypnosis if our online times ever match. could it be made permanent in me?



Throughfare said...

Hi Asudem Latex,

Just wondering what you mean by "latexify"? Sounds like an interesting concept.

Mundus said...

Ok, I'll admit to being REALLY skeptical about this.

As a hypnotist myself I know that, due to a number of reasons, full somnambulantion requires physical contact with the subject as well as being able to read their physical responses.

Another problem is that 25% of subjects have complete amnesia of the time they were under and the remaining 75% tend not to remember the time clearly or believe that it don't happen.

Lastly, not everyone can be hypnotised; sadly those that often want to be hypnotised the most, make the worst subjects.

So I would be very wary of anyone who tells you otherwise or tries to tell you that "over the Internet" hypnotism is possible. They are almost certainly not performing a full somnambulant trace on you.

However, if you are even in London then I can certainly make you believe that your cat suit zipper has diapered, make it impossible for you to wear anything other than the highest heels or make to believe that the suit you are in is fused to your skin.It wouldn't be the first time I've had the request! ;-)

Asudem Latex said...

hello Mundus

so you've done some of this before first time? was it just a one off or was it trigger-able and possible to keep it applied long term?

if you don't mind me asking, can you go into specifics and the number of times done?


Mundus said...

Hi Asudem,

There is a lot of confusion about hynotism so I'm more than happy to help clear it up.

I'm not 100% sure what you want to achieve but I'm assuming that its some kind of behavioral changing trance that you can be triggered in to. This is quite possible and, depending on you and how well you can take hypnotic suggestion, the triggers can be set up for quite a while. The problem is that you are very unlikely to remember being in the trace so yes, although you could be made to act like a doll, for example (fixed smile, unblinking eyes, follow commands, unable to talk, etc) you probably won't remember or believe that it actually happened. Most subjects tend to think it was a dream as that is somnabulation is.

Another form of hypnosis is called "waking hypnosis" and the subject is fully awake and aware. What can be achieved is more limited but effects such as stiffening limbs, making people forget their names, making them unabl to drop something are all available, depending on the subject, and all are great for stage shows, etc.

Lastly, there is the kind of thing you get on the "stop yoursef smoking" tapes, etc. Although they are not strictly hypnotism, they are more like NLP, they can have an effect based on the placebo effect. They are based on understaning how a subjects brain processes language and using that understanding to match your language to the effects you want.

I have been hynotising people for about fifteen years now. Over that time I have had all kinds of requests from simple things such as breaking habits to more exotic requests. I'm afraid I'm not happy to go in to specifics on the Interet (as some people enjoy their privacy) but I have had some fetish related requests.

So what ar you trying to achieve? Why not do a post explaining what your ideal is? As Throughfare said, what do you mean by latexify?

Steve said...

The post from Mundus was very good. I would like to add this for you and your readers’ consideration. Success, and only you can know what that is for you, depends a few factors. These include how easy it is for you to enter a hypnotic state, how experienced the hypnotist is and how clearly you and the hypnotist understands what you what to achieve. I have quite a bit of experience and offer to assist.