Thursday, August 20, 2009

if my maths are right....

then i will reach 2,000,000 hits at the end of January 2010-ish at an average of 100,000 every six weeks.

guess someone is reading it and returning. ;-)



struds said...

lol, well you just turned up on my google reader recomended feeds so i've added you. Might be where some of your hits are coming from.

Asudem Latex said...

oh can you explain how that works?

i'm not counting any RSS etc and no idea how all that functions or if its even counted in hits?


Alec Peters said...

You need to add Google Analytics and then report "Unique Visitors" which is the really relevant statistic. "hits" is not really used as any measure of anything. What you want to know is how many different people read your blog. I have it on my blog (VERY easy to set up) and it helps measure lots of specific traffic.

pyewacket said...

asudem..a nice article on lady gaga and mind control..she really is the pop icon doll of the 21st century!

Asudem Latex said...

hi alec

thanks for the tip. the one i'm using at the moment seems to be very good though i've not explored all its features.

i've posted some screen grabs from it showing accesses etc.


Alec Peters said...

Very good! Those are good stats.


jeandoll said...

Well I certainly am.
It helps that you have nice and easy to remember blog name.
Some site that i'd actually want to remember, had so artsy names, its no use to remember them