Friday, August 07, 2009

the changing shape of mannequins

just a collection of mannequins sent into me over the last few months. these won't be ones you see in the mall but appear to be custom modified for specialist shops. some are actually available on ebay if you look hard enough.

the last one is pretty cute as she's almost an anime figure.



hanzoushinrei said...

WOW. Now that's fodder for mannequin transformation stories!

I wonder which kind of clothing would be suited for...that kind of size? Ah, lingerie.

And latex catsuits, of course.

Salpecam said...

Great pics. The first 2 and the last 1 are very much the "look" I like; very much the style I am trying to achieve for my gf's doll suit.

Salpecam said...


Autumnuety said...