Monday, August 31, 2009

jen's find

is a very interesting collection of japanese / asian doll imagery be it anime, manga or photo's and it can be found image collection.

its really good for reference images for doll joints. i wonder how hard it would be to get stitching done on a blank skin toned (or white) zentai suit?

these are just a few i like so go check out message board and if you look at the other categories be aware they are very definitely NSFW.


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Anonymous said...

What you can do... at quite some expense would be to cast the sections as thick latex perhaps 1/4" thick and glue them over a thinner suit giving the look that they were the hard parts of a doll / mannequin structure. The joints would be recessed of course amplifying the illusion.

Make one - you might have a new fetish product.

Commission it!