Saturday, August 08, 2009

the problem with latex like leggings

i absolutely love the look of latex like leggings but i must admit that i have pretty well given up on ever finding a really decent pair or brand of these, even though i am constantly looking and spotting them in sales. its partly down to the materials that are used and to the cut of them. you simply can't tell till you put them on and feel them up close. then there's the issue of how long they will last with their shine or start sagging.

for example have a look at the ones on the webstores i've published before as they all look glossy and yummy!! perfect i'd think, order them and then be less impressed as i've already had the real thing and am deeply enchanted by all things latex. likewise seeing someone else wear a pair in public down town - wow they look amazing - then i get close and can see the quality and realise although they are the K+T designer brand they simply aren't anywhere near as glossy as real latex.

this is also sort of like the knock off designer issue. the same basic shape, color and looks like the real thing from a distance. however when u get really close, have a chance to feel it and examine it then the illusion is gone. maybe thats the key to all clothing and consumer products - resolution.

of course in teeny web photo's they're very far away so any imperfections aren't noticed at all.

so the three pairs i already own now are relegated to something to sleep in which i've been doing for a good few months now under my black latex duvet. in some ways it is a step as its getting used to constant tight and shininess 24/7 which is a very good thing.


ps; if you want a really excellent pair of real latex leggings then i really recommend Simon O for them as the pair he sent me are now part of my standard wardrobe rotation.


Ondřej said...

Hi ! I found this: Does someone knows in which museum it was ?

Asudem Latex said...

the NYC sex musuem? looks like a Kerry mask / suit too me


pyewacket said...

for fashions sake
its just a fake

To get the feel
It must be real

Anonymous said...

here is a tutorial on making your own


Asudem Latex said...

i did try once and made a mess of it - not to mention i wanted to wear it all right then.

actually it was a latex catsuit which in retrospect wasn't the best thing to start with. also used a very thin latex cutting it all out and gluing on my floor.

never again.


Anonymous said...

Generally speaking look at the content stated for the backing material. If it's Nylon/Polyester, it's more than likely garbage. If it's Nylon/Lycra Spandex, it seems to be better quality as it's better able to support a thicker coating of PVC in activewear styles.
(However really good thick PVC is often on a nylon/polyester backing, but that is the stuff of little stretch and nobody is doing leggings in this.)
The ones from Artifice clothing are very thick glossy PVC. However if you liked PVC you'd have a closet full already, and you lean toward latex.
I think latex is great for about 5 minutes, don't like the sweat or the trouble of maintenance, and the durability factor sucks. Which is why I have a whole spare room filled with PVC, most preferably the very noisy kind.
Too bad the fashion trend died on that about 5 years ago.