Friday, August 07, 2009

next fall fashion?

will thigh high boots ever make it over here as a fashion item? or is the curse and appeal of the film Pretty Woman put women off leaving them to the sole domain of rock diva's and paris hilton?

meanwhile in the UK the debate has just started in the mainstream press:

Thigh-high boots are the next big thing - but who will dare to wear them?
Last updated at 10:48 AM on 30th July 2009

Cars are hooting, men are wolf-whistling and women are shooting me the sort of looks that could not only kill me, but could also maim anyone within a three-metre radius.

Why? Because I'm walking down my local High Street in a pair of next season's must-haves.

Unfortunately, this happens to be the sort of thigh-length boots last seen on Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. In fact, that's not strictly true. They were last seen at the autumn/winter fashion shows.

Read the rest at Mail Online's Article: here and do take time to read their comments.


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J said...

well, it may happen. during the late 80s and early 90s here in South America, there was a very very famous singer and kids star nicknamed Xuxa. she uses thigh high boots most of the time in her tv shows and soon it was a strong fashion trend.

you can see her in a pilot for the North American tv here

during the early 90s you could see lots of girls wearing the "Xuxa boots" around, and not only for going party, but as normal winter clothing. good times for a teenager with a thigh boots fetish :)