Monday, August 10, 2009

a post from over three years ago

i really hadn't realized its been so long and am amazed how far i've come.


FRIDAY, MARCH 03, 2006

A month of daily latex wearing.....

it may not seem a major accomplishment to some, but i'm now on the last day of four weeks - a full month - in latex panties.

when i first started this i had read the various accounts of long term latex wear including the one by the latex lady who wears it 23/7 with the assistance of her own maid. these inspired me to give in to my latex fetish and have a go and see how far it leads me.

a great deal of support and encouragement came from tsg and i thank her profusely for it.

i still can't seem to wear it to sleep in, but i'm slowly adding more to my wardrobe. sunday is now my latex catsuit day and i'll wear it from waking till bedtime. i hope sometime soon i can sleep in it which let me extend my periods in it to 23/7.

someday i'll be as comfortable and complete in a full coverage latex catsuit as i am in my plan every day clothes. i'll then be able to wear a catsuit hidden beneath my clothes and don a hood a gloves when in private and i'll truely be a latex doll.

sadly that day is not there yet, but the first permenant step has been taken and i think i'm well on my way to surrendering to the latex doll i want to be.



hanzoushinrei said...

Latex catsuit sundays! Now that's commitment. I can't last long before being flooded with embarrassment (but it changed once I had my own room in college)

Asudem Latex said...

that was back then when my wardrobe was limited. since i wear it so much now there's no real need for a special day.

also its the summer and way too hot for much latex.


Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed and appreciated this blog almost since its inception several years ago.

I am struck by the following. As noted by your entries latex has become reasonably mainstreamed, to the point that not only are celebs wearing it frequently, but "normal" folks are to parties, clubs, as well as home in their "scene life", many are socializing with fet friends and meeting up and forming all sorts of solid friendships, relationships and even marriages as 3XL and Kitty have shown. All this mainstreaming seems to be welcomed by "everyone", especially by those who yearn to come out.

Asudem has described her own personal journey which seems to include wearing fetish in her day to day life as well as at home where her training began. She has many followers, supporters and fans. Yet I know of no one who has seen her, met her, of no public fetish event she has attended.

There are several fetish bloggers who share this same "quality" of presenting as :"real" online but having no verifiable offline presence or someone "in the community". Latex Lady II comes to mind. Her tale is "extreme", yet she claims to be out and about, with no hangups whatsoever, but no one has met her and I have read of not a single account of anyone seeing someone who appears in public in a rubber burqa, despite some photos she posted in public places (no others in the shot however).

This of course leads to the conclusion that there a some deception and fantasy going on and not just a need for privacy. I am certain that 99.99% of fetish people understand and respect the need for privacy about these matters since it is still something largely discriminated against..

I have even thought that the fetish blogs are the "toys" of someone with a deep need to "deceive" albeit harmlessly and playfully, engage in "erotica" and or have some economic interest in the growth / health of the fetish industry as a whole.

Some people even engage in outright "financial domination" where they receive all sorts of material things from perfect strangers, who seem to gladly give.

The cynic in me is believing that most of these are mind games and the real fetish people are actually flesh and blood and in the scene on some level or other and have met others such as Steffy, who has managed to become an international fetish icon and ambassador. I've met her/him even as have countless others.

Conclusion is that people who hide online are not who they claim to be.

Asudem Latex said...

are you being ironic Anonymous?


Anonymous said...

I have read the blogs of a half dozen people who claim to be something I can nor have I seen adequately verified.

Of course it doesn't matter to me. If I want to meet fetish people, there are loads who are more than willing and I have met many of them. it's really no big deal.

I just can't make sense of the ones who are so intense and descriptive online but effectively are fiction.

I don't even think Asudem put one photo of her on this site. Now that's another odd thing ain't it?

I am not being ironic. Can I leave you a gift certificate at Demask, NYC?

jeandoll said...

Isn't just so usual to come and point a finger someones hobby, and or course nameless.
What is just your problem Anonymous? Do you think Asudemlatex is here blogging, so yoy can fill your fetish-quota.
So: "I have read the blogs of a half dozen people who claim to be something I can nor have I seen adequately verified."
So what! There absolute NO need for any "verification" from you or anybody else.
Web is full "Hot latex shix0r" sites, go oggle those.

SanderO said...

I don't personally care, and have had my fill, so to speak of online fantasy sites, even interactive ones, have been out in the "scene", ie up close and personal with real fetish flesh and bones so to speak.

My comments were about the irony about a bunch of blogs and "presences" on the web of people who convey that they are living the out their fetish life in the "real world" yet when push comes to shove it's not real, but "make believe".'

Does it matter? No Not to me. And it may nit matter to the others who read and post to these blogs as if they are interacting with a person not a fantasy. I was just noting that so many of these real live fetish people blogs are nothing but fantasies. No biggie there. They are what they are.

I think the doll hobby is the cat's meow. It would be cool if Asudem's tales are true. I am not here to oggle. Have a nice day.

Asudem Latex said...

those are my fat calfs in libidex latex tights and high heels. yes i can walk in 5 inches and 5 1/2s too. waving a cellphone around to get a photo of myself took some time too.

a photo shoot will come one day although given a choice of spending my own money on more latex or hiring a professional then you guess which one i've going for.


Anonymous said...

Here's a concept that works:

Be the change you want to see in the world. Or not, and learn to focus on what you actually *do*, yourself. Either way, kindly understand that anyone can be a "critic" and troll for insults endlessly. This takes neither talent nor any ability above and beyond stubbornness and *gross* self-centeredness. I've been there and done this, ok? I get it that humility is not an easy lesson to learn, as it doesn't stick very well.

Nonetheless, it is a life lesson worth pursuing as needed. If you want people to be honest and transparent in their dealings, try *Being* honest and transparent in your own. Simple, right? Piece of cake.

I fully admit...I'm a nobody pretty much. I'm just this guy who has had a few (2-3 successful scripts at most) successes with written hypnotic material and tried (once or twice or a dozen times) too often to parlay it into an empire of giggles. I admit I could do more, lots more, than what I have.

I could have overcome my writer's block on writing about dolls and written more fiction, but the truth is, there's a lot of ways to write that stuff using characters who are horrid, abusive and unlikeable, and I don't like doing that. There aren't a lot of ways to write tender, intimate moments with that fantasy element, and I may have run out of mine.

I could have dabbled in other sorts of transformative hypnosis, worked more in modular and simple, one-shot, one-purpose material. But honestly, online play as it stands doesn't reward me enough. It, by itself doesn't do enough for me, to make the extra hassle and work (and yes, writing four big honking files into one modular *and also narrative* hypnosis script is work, actually) worth the trouble. In short words: people don't trust me to do more with them than steamy IM, and I rather suck when it comes to trying to adapt to Second Life, and its clunky, occasionally virus-rancid nature.

So I'm a nobody. It's clear and abundant by now. It's been months since I've had any doll-play opportunities at all *even online*. I hardly get anything done these days.

But. I do stuff. I've done more stuff. I'm not just a pest, or even usually a pest. In fact one could submit that it's my *fear of* being a pest that holds me back creatively and keeps me from *doing more stuff*.

Be that as it may, I do what I can, to *NOT* be a pest these days. And I have done stuff, the record's been there, *Years* worth of text recording every up and down (to everyone else's dismay and disgust, ok?), every failed phone call, every date that fell through, every bit of deception uncovered. It's hard, if not impossible, to create and maintain a total lie, a total fiction, for nearly a decade non-stop. Not like this.

I know who I am and what I do. Who are you Sandero, and what do you do? Just asking. If you want folks to come clean, *do it yourself* too. It's not so hard, right?

--Bradley Poe. I've been on Yahoo! Messenger since 1999, in Yahoo! Clubs (now Groups and mostly inactive, mind you), since 1998. Been there, done that, been responsible for *way* worse trolling and misconduct than you can imagine, ok?

hanzoushinrei said...

Hmm, if I happen to be in your area, maybe I could visit you sometime.

Anonymous said...

We could all be cynics, or critics, and not believe a word of what is written on the internet. Personally, I choose not to be that way. It might leave me open to being duped sometimes, but I very much prefer the non-cynical me; the one who is open and trusting and sees the beauty in the achievements of others and chooses to believe that other people can and often do undertake wonderful adventures in self-transformation. Why do people blog about such experiences and yet keep them hidden in real-life encounters? There was an article on the subject in April's edition of the excellent Walrus Magazine ( that shed light on this. Go take a read, it's interesting and enlightening.

I personally do not share Asudem's love of latex, but I sincerely admire her devotion to it and to wanting to commit her life to becoming a latex doll. The courage to pursue this desire, despite all the practical difficulties of integrating such and end-goal into real life, is awe-inspiring and very heartening. I lived for a while in a fetish-centric relationship, with a remarkable partner ho shared my fetish and was willing to be my sub and my doll, dressed permanently in the material of our choosing. So I know first-hand the joys and the frustrations involved in such a journey, and that such remarkable people do exist. For us, in the end, the experiment did not succeed, though the journey was lots of fun for a while. Such personal knowledge does not make me think Asudem's thoughts and writings are any less genuine. They are simply more admirable and thought-provoking.

Best wishes, and keep on blogging! Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it is cool to be cynical, to disbelieve everything. Legions of skeptics have a hobby of debunking that they had cornflakes for breakfast. Advertising has become so intrusive that you automatically go into "not interested" mode. People in authority lie: they might have gotten away with it in the past because of tighter information control. Today they lie while knowing that they are lying while the public knows they are being lied to but chooses to temporarily believe the lies!

Are some fetish diaries on the internet falsified for some strange reason? Probably. The person who doesn't believe that some are authentic will never have enough proof to convince them. You could get a photoset done, they respond that they are photoshopped. You get a signed letter from a judge or whatever, the letter is faked. You show up at their house wearing rubber, then you must have wore it just this one time to show them up. Etc etc etc.

Anonymous said...

I've Dommed for ten years now, done my share of photo shoots, bought my share of kink toys, and have never been to an event. This is now an "official" requirement?
Because I chose not to troll events for unattached subs, I'm not serious about what I do? Next you'll tell me that I can only to go to clubs to get vanilla dates-- because that's the only place where the people who are serious about getting dates go.
Your logic is poor-- back to the drawing board.

-- Helena Windsloe