Monday, January 29, 2007

female masks: who do they appeal too?

i'm slowly working my way through my must have list and one thing that keeps coming up is the possibility of a latex hood and also a female mask.

now the hood i ordered from libidex and just waiting for it to arrive. its not the clear frounted HW Design one but its a start and it was on sale it being january and all. it also matches the one i have in second life too so there's that element. i do like to keep my real life latex and second life matching.

anyway, i've looked around at the female mask sites and some of the online shops and ebay sellers that offer them and there's nothing really i'd ever want to wear.

is that just me being picky or what?

are people settling for X 'cos they can't get anything decent. maybe its more of a budget thing?

maybe its my fascination and love of mannequins thats holding me back. if the masks aren't up to that quality i wouldn't want to wear them? maybe that they're all being worn badly? i can't say.

here's some shots of ones available from Rubbers Finest. they're pretty good but not great imho. or maybe just not what i'd be comfortable in wanting to be.

still i do fantasise about being put into a mannequin shell in a deptartment window and sealed in for a very long time...


FellipeC said...

Sure if I have a shop I will invite you to be a manequin here.

PirateStoat said...

What about these masks?

ImRuined said...

There's always the masks available from :

destoker said...

i have a nice one,from the netherlands,very comfortible an nice priced.
if like to see a pic,let me know.