Tuesday, January 30, 2007

more on those must have metal leggings

sometimes its just a matter of waiting for information to trickle onto the internet too find what your after. though sometimes thats too late. its a matter of luck and some dilligence i have found.

here's a follow on Balenciaga's pure golden legs which i covered here back in december. apparently both vogue and elle have said that metalic leggings are the thing to have this spring and summer. though annoyingly i totally missed any of the fashion spreads that had shoots with models in them.

i did find some more images of the $100,000 legs at much better resolution during this weeks office time killing googles.

during my googling on this seasons must have i found an entry somewhere that american apparel was selling them at a much cheaper price. and yes they were.

still not sure if i want a silver pair or a gold pair. or does anyone do them in metal latex please?


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