Friday, January 26, 2007

pink hair and latex legs

this is from last years fall issue of 'W' magazine.

its a glossy oversized fashion mag thats def value for money but is way too large for my scanner, so all these images are cropped down from the page. also since they were a pain to scan i left it for a few months and just got around too it last week

note the latex legs from house of harlot in pink and white, her doll like pink bob and the occassional black egl outfit. though most of the outfits have an egl feel too them.

and this is a mainstream fashion rage (or bible too some)... so the trend is coming i say but i wonder if anyone knows where to shop for latex tights, stockings or leggings besides us latex lovers?



Anonymous said...

Nice plastic legs! Thank you for taking the time to scan those.

Dosman! said...

ok, that was me. :)

Bradley said... if only I could have a lady love like *that*. :) Or at least the chance to mold a willing young woman face-to-face in that direction....

But nah, I guess it isn't in the cards for the time being, though I suppose pink-haired wigs and latex stockings aren't *all* that expensive compared to other ways to do the doll thing. :)

Lovely pics! It's almost enough to make me want to run to the local library and see if they have any *past issues* of W available so I can see the images full sized. ^_^ I know the one a few blocks away has the current issue...

FellipeC said...

Wonderful, really lovely

I wish to own they.