Monday, January 01, 2007

latex in a free hair style magazine

two scans from the uk from the free magazine that the designer hair salon Tony & Guy give out for free and which available from any branch in most big cities there.

a pink latex knee length hobble like skirt and also latex leggings. on the cover there's a very tall sudded latex collar with little fake diamonds set into it. thats all pretty mainstreme use of latex imho.

but what caught blackice's eyes he said is when he saw the salon was the huge posters of models hanging out with bald manniquins in rather intimate cuddly like positions. he picked up the free magazine issue in hope that there was some of the images reproduced inside. sadly they weren't but the were on the salon's website up untill about a week or so ago. i went back to do some screen grabs and they're now all gone and the websites been redone.

wonder if the posters are still there... i bet he'll be back to ask....

anyone in the uk spot theses and can get a photo of them?


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isnt what you ask, but you will like