Monday, January 29, 2007

the secret... a way to live your dreams?

i was given a dvd of the film 'the secret' but you can find it on google video page here.

has anyone else seen it? what do you make of it? is it all new agey shit or is there something too it?

examples of it really doing something magical?



Anonymous said...

It's really a lot of new agey shit. They're revitializing the New Thought movement of the early 1900's and giving it historical justification by linking it to an old alchemical piece of text that some prominent folks translated.

If you're really keen on exploring the idea, I'd look up the free copy of the Master Key Syestem by Charles F Haanel. It's been around since the turn of the century, and a lot of the trippy self-helpers of today are pirating from it. Does it work? *shrug* Probably gets the same results as burying a St Joseph statue in your backyard to sell your house.

As for the emerald tablet, *shrug* Translations are available everywhere, so it's not really some big 'secret'. It's made as little sense as it did in the 9th century. In the context of 'the secret', it feels like it was hastily incorporated to give the documentary a 'davinci code' feel.

Sabrina Raven said...

To me this sounds like the general "positive thinking" approach, which isn't wrong at all. If you allow an event to pull you down, you are more susceptible to other other events pulling you down as well. Even minute bad events (a red traffic light) can make you feel even more like "why me? why now? why?". It is binding your mental energy that you could put to better use thinking on what you want to achieve during the day, or finding a way around the obstacles that stand in your way.

My grandma always said: Whining doesn't get you anywhere. Acting does!

rek'thorel said...

All i can say is, it works. Even if it is just for the small things in life. And yes, it is all about seeing once life positive and to not let one get dragged down by bad events. If you need to thank your Gods for what you have, do that, if not, just thank for what you got and in time you will live a better life. You will discover your true future. Your focused positive view of life is the path to enlightenment of your true being.

Anonymous said...

If it is such a bad thing then why is it getting featured on Oprah?

The secret is the best thing anyone with an open mind could ever watch. It will make your realize why things have happened in your life. Wheather you believe it is all powerful, universe altering powers, or if you believe in the more scientific explination of it; it still works.