Monday, January 15, 2007

marquis now does doll suits...

WOW!!! i saw a post about this on a yahoo group and figured i'd just get it up her for everyone to look at and comment about before i jumped in with my own 2 cents.

its from Marquis, the german fetish magazine and latex catalog and if you want one the click here. its about $674 in US money btw. seems to be just the already existing elements they sold already assembled into a final complete suit. libidex as reported last year has a doll suit which is very similiar, although not photographed on such a perfectly proportioned model. actually the libidex is what i might look in it rather than the marquis version.

i still don't like the face, or holes. i know its some of your particual fetishes in this little area but i'd perfer something that made me more manniquin or doll looking than outright cartoon sex doll.

oh and it seems its actually made in the UK by Liq Laq. they describe it here:

"medium weight catsuit with integegral hood, mittens and feet. The
ultimate love doll suit with open mouth, surprised expression, rear zip
(from crown of head to below waist), feature nipples and open crotch
with dark pink edging.
Please note if ordering for a man - the breast cups are empty and you
will need to provide your own padding/falsies.
Please make sure you supply a valid email address as I may need
additional sizing information. (Any information you can supply with
the order will be useful.)"

go check out their site as there's more images to get u going.



Anonymous said...

WOW!!! This is amazing ... the thought of playing with a dolly encased in one of these suits almost makes me faint!

Yora Vig said...

I have to say, I am so very, very tempted to get one. If only I had the money. The thought of wearing one......oh, I'm just getting goosebumps just thinking about it!

Dark said...

I think when you see a company actually offer a doll suit you can pretty much say that this is not a small niche phenomena any longer... it is a big niche hahaha

Seriously, though, it appears that the "Doll" as a fetish icon has really arrived. I expect to see more and more of this and in the not too distant future when you attend fetish balls etc. females will be appearing as dolls not just the M2F ones which seem to be rather more common such as Steffy and Medianne's slave.

Doller's dreams will be coming true soon! Lot's of dolls to play with at parties. Stay tuned.

blackice said...

Hi All

I'm going to start work on a major feature on the subject for a well known UK magazine. (guess there's a number in it)

I'll send Asudem an email to announce it formally as I'd like to get some imput and quotes from people too.



Anonymous said...

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