Tuesday, January 02, 2007

they didn't say how high the heels were....

but it is possible, the video proves it!!


Dark said...

This race is a hoot. I would have liked to see how these women actually ran... was it essentially running on their toes?

When we walk we normally plant the heel first, then the toe. It seems unlikely that someone could run in this manner in heels. But however these gals did it... they were running!

Take your heels for a spin!

FellipeC said...

I think most of the heels aren't more than 3" high

Dosman! said...

How sexy is that?
How do they stop the shoes from just flying off their feet? I didn't see many ankle strap shoes.
Damn, that's so hot!

Anonymous said...

Because i can speak german i understand what they say. To share it for you i translated it with my poor english knowlegde and google.

Those are so-called High Heels. We are here however not on a Cocktailparty. No we are in the middle in Berlin on the cure prince dam. A woman magazine had proclaimed a competition. With at least 7 cm high and 1.5 cm broad hells it applied to win a 100 meter run.
The most different run shoes were to be admired. Here for example yellow with net or simply only pointedly with long leg. Beside the correct outfit a smile and warming up exercise helps. The price nevertheless amounts to 10000 €.
There one can look. Over 100 participant made themselves so fast stilettos can carry on the cumbersome however short way.
100 meters. For some spectators it went much too fast. "
I did not think also it much so fast go, but more the style decides. And not the speed." (first interview)
In scarcely 15 seconds the winner was in the goal. For transvestit Daniel is anyway everything completely simple.
"It ss a thing of exercise. The more frequently you carries them the more easily it is."
A purchase coupon of 10000€ went then to Nadine Sonnabend. Those was pleased enormous and betrayal their success prescription.
"Yes it is to keep the balance.
Thus it is not as with sneakers where you have the firmness. But with a little exercise it will do fine."
The employment was worthwhile itself. It remains waiting for how many new pairs of high heels nadine will buy.

marqu said...
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marqu said...


Forget those online translators!

The result when translating German word by word to English will NEVER be English.

(Uebrigens: "Kurfuerstendamm" ins Englische zu uebersetzen ist ziemlicher Schwachsinn...)

marqu said...


Regardless which shoes you wear, when you want to run fast (and I mean to sprint, not "jogging") you naturally run only on your toes and not over the heels.
I have been playing soccer for over 20 years so I know what I am talking about.

7 cm high heels are no big hindrance to run fast, though. The main problems I see are not to lose the shoes in the race (as dosman already mentioned) and lack of traction as the soles of highheels are usually made for dancing rather than running and will be therefore quite slippery.

blackice said...

stilletto work out seems to be catching on. think it came from a gym in NYC you did an entry about?



SteveMND said...

"The result when translating German word by word to English will NEVER be English"

Maybe not, but it's certainly helpful for those of us over here in the states that never learned a second language. :-)

Thanks for the translation regardless, anony.

marqu said...
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marqu said...

I did not want to criticise without providing an alternative. Below is another translation. I tried to "smooth" some passages from anonymous' previous translation attempt:

These are so called highheels. But we are not at a cocktailparty, we are right in the middle of Berlin at the "Kurfuerstendamm".
A woman magazin initiated a competition. The target was to win a 100 m race with at least 7 cm high and 1.5 cm wide heels. Many different running shoes could be admired. Here for example yellow with net or just pointed with long legs.
Besides the appropriate outfit a smile and the one or the other warming up exercise are certainly helpful.
After all the award is 10000 €.
Over 100 participants set out as fast as the stilettos allowed it for the cumbersome yet short way: 100 m.
For some spectators it was actually much too fast.
[Man in green shirt]: I thought it would not go that fast and that the style would be more essential than speed.
The winner needed just under 15 seconds. For transvestite Daniel everything is very simple anyway: its just a matter of exercise, the more you wear them the easier it is.
Finally a shopping voucher of 10000 € was handed over to Nadine Sonnabend. She was very happy and
gave away the recipe for her success: the main thing is to keep the balance. That's not like running with sneakers with sufficient firmness. You bounce to and fro a bit and it is not very stable. But with a little bit of training it works just fine.
Bravo, so the effort was worthwhile.
It remains to be seen how many pairs of new highheels Nadine will buy from her award.