Saturday, January 20, 2007

more doll suit photo's and information...

i emailed the creator of the new doll suit from Marquis and had a nice email back from Lois at liq laq.

she wrote:

I have already had quite a lot of interest and suggestions for
variation (some possible - some not) but only one sold so far (plus
some people who say they are saving up!). It has only been advertised
for a short time but certainly seems to have struck a chord with many
people. The hood design can be varied with a plainer hood or my other
doll-faced hood. I have even made a male doll faced hood although I
haven't put that on the website yet. If anyone is interested in a
particular option or variation I am always happy to give it some
thought. We are currently making a few slight changes to the face
style - if you like I can send you a revised picture when that is done.

so keep coming back and i'll post more photos of the suit and variations once i've received them. if anyone does buy one please email me about it.



Dark said...

I suspect that a bunch of males who have fem doll fantasies will but this suit... and perhaps some female dolls. The mask part is really probably the main issue because it embodies the doll concept someone wants to convey. We have seen everything from life like barbie faces to the kerri type caricature femalle masks all the way to the blow up doll almost cartoon like rendition of the doll.

My sense is that females dollers are aiming for a more llfe like face... but one which, of course is not THEIR face and a transparant latex mask might be.

Also dolls are definitely into fetish clothes which tends to add a reality element to their look... not just a rubber love toy.

Asudem Latex said...

i was thinking of bringing up that point as a blog entry soon. the entire thing about masks in general and what would work for me and whats available in the market.

so far there's nothing really i'd be comfortable or want to wear..


Sebastian said...

The doll suit does look interesting. What would be nice is to get a pale skin tone rather than the piggy pink. I do like the latex suits(have one myself) but I want to see what a silicone suit is like. If I had the money I would start experimenting on that. The suit would last longer and and you can make custom shape suits from the material. Its just more expensive than latex.

TheThinMan said...

I thought silicone catsuits are considered a bad idea. Silicone tends to trap heat and doesn't have the stretch of latex, making it hard to wear and fragile.

Although I could be behind the times on this. I remember reading somewhere that the costume from that awful Catwoman movie required inventing a silicone fabric, so maybe times have changed.