Wednesday, January 17, 2007

thigh high latex boots.... with heels!!!

all i can say is that they're definatly going on my wish list. they're simply gorgeous.....!!

made by great latex designer 'Simon O' of austria and announced on their website here. they are made from heavier rubber in sizes europe 36 - 45 with heels from 4-5 inches depending on the shoe size. no information on how tall the boot shafts go, wether mid thigh or all the way up to the bum...

i also don't see any zipper at all so they may pull on like stockings which has its ups and downs, mainly the getting them up and down your legs... i'll need to write him an email....



Dark said...

They're over the knee and if they are real thick a zip would help and getting them on would be tough without one. Zipperless would be way cool.

Notice in the first photos released of these beauts is that the very toe doesn't show touching the ground... it points up. I don't know if this is a photo anomaly or what... but I never saw a toe box which pointed skyward.

Dark said...

Looks like no zipper!

marqu said...

I just looked up the German description which is a bit more detailed.

Its said that the boots are thigh high. They have a smooth lining so getting in and out is no problem.
A zipper is not mentioned.

This is no photo anomaly. In fact I believe a completely flat toe box will make walking very difficult if not almost impossible. With the rounded sole you have at least the possibility to roll over the ball of the foot. This skyward pointed rounded shape is especially necessary when the entire sole of the shoe is rather stiff and when the point is that long in addition to the stiffness.

Dark said...


You may very well be correct that to walk in excessively tall hells, a stiff toe box may be required and and extended toe box would have to point up to allow the foot to pivot to walk normally... heel to toe

I've seen videos of a lady lacie walking in ballet boots and she looks ungraceful and ridiculous.

This seems to be the problem for excessively high heeled shoes... they are not walkable in any graceful way especially because the wearer bears their weight on the heel... and tries to transfer it to the toe. A balleria CAN and does walk with grace on her toes... not needing her heels... which are elevated. Look at Zakharova

I personally think that too tall heels are unaesthetic because they can't be walked in... although in posing they may look fine.

It's a shame because if these were 4-5" they could be fantastic and walkable.