Saturday, January 06, 2007

mannequin trends...

besides my rather obvious latex fetish, i think its reading mannequin transformation fiction that got me into the mind control, hypnosis and doll areas of my presents preoccupation. i mean after all mannequins are just life sized dolls for grown ups aren't they now?

one of the earliest stories i remember reading in this area was by german writer 'window dresse' and his multi part story 'inventory'. i know its not the best story or writing out there but there's something about it that always gets too me. i think its in part it takes a long time to get to the logical conclussion instead of some magic spell or device that goes 'whamo' and that it's the lead character who purposefully undergoes the transformation bit by bit.

his stories can be found here on legacy's site while his own rather basic homepage with all the stories and future ideas is here.

good news is that in legacy's last update at the end of december he's had Dmurk translate a recent offering Not only Hypnotised.

elsewhere on the web, has a feature on the trend for mannequins with greatly enhance breasts here while another find by Concious Object is super realistic mannequins by spfx people in hollywood that move. link to a quick youtube clip here and homepage gallery is here.

the mannequin on the right is one of them, but surely there is an attraction for them to be slightly artificial looking and just too perfect? otherwise why would i want to be transformed into one?


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