Saturday, January 20, 2007

more on those gorgeous latex thigh boots

i keep looking at these boots and keep thinking that i so need them. i'm adding them to my list. but maybe i do need more practice with my 5" pvc ones first before i splash out on the rubber ones. i'd also planned on getting a latex night gown and short black latex jacket next. so the boots will have to wait.

simon O has written back with some more information on the boots:

I have to say that the boots are not manufactured by us.
We buy them also. But we can made any optical changes on the boots.
The reach is mid high. 15 cm above knee.
And they are tall but also comfortable to wear. No zipper to get in.
They are to wear like stockings
Only maybe nylon socks are better to put them on.



Dark said...

Check out this:

I suspect they are from the same source as the SimonO and they have mid calf and shoes, loose and tight thigh highs!

I'm still not loving the toe box, but the heel part is quite lovely

Anonymous said...

yea way too much toe room almost like you could curve them up like persian slippers if high heels are inteded to make your feet appear smaller subconsiously then why have such a big front unless you got 4 inch toes