Monday, January 22, 2007

a transformation commercial

sorry, no sound, but an amazing commercial none the less.


Anonymous said...

it is amazing but what is the product they are selling?


Bradley said...

Officially, I'd say it's some kind of snack food, kind of like either Combos in the U.S. (a cheese-filled, chip like snack) or like Pizza Puffs (similar concept in size, but not like chips, more something like a mini-egg roll you pop in an oven). It seems like they are hyping up the "filling on the inside". Or trying to.

:) Of course, the lack of sound and fast pace lets you ignore all of that and focus on what the commercial is really about: Dress UP! :)) *rofl*

Gotta love how the lady almost settled for the pink outfit, but then turned all tiger-lady at the end. ;) Love those CGI-aided Magic Mirrors.

zilvara said...

smiles i love this one i was able to find it with sound and have a copy of it realy neet video