Friday, January 12, 2007

inflated bodies

this new addition to Demask's catalog was spotted and written about by the excellent fetish blogger 3XL here.

demask was one of the leader of fashion to extreme heavy rubber cross overs and their first black and white catalog is still a classic of full immersion latex kinkyness.

the new items are a range of quasi dresses that use the inflatable idea and makes it partly wearable. you'll need to dig around on the site but there's loads there and the inflatable long dress caught my eye as something i'd love to be wrapped into.



sick puppy said...

Inflatable dresses... If they have an inner tight part besides the inflatable part, it's tempting.

Anonymous said...

have you seen the new Marquis Doll Suit?
check it:

you might need a perfect body for it, but i think it's a really funky suit


Asudem Latex said...

yes, was about to do an entry about it