Tuesday, January 16, 2007

latex spice girl

its a very good fit and apparently made by libidex.

bellow is a pretty crappy youtube clip of her on stage.

check the other links on thr right for more latex. oh and will youtube ever get to the point where the video doesn't look crappy?



Bradley said...

Y'know...I hear that the big thing with YouTube's "video" is that it has to be compressed to a filesize not bigger than 100 MB (that's megabytes folks). Which is ok I guess, but...

You'd think at this point there'd be some better compression software in play or something. Or hell, at least an *option* to view the image in *black-and-white* to increase the resolution (if the colors are going to drop out anyway, may as well be rid of them and get more *detail*). Or to at least do a "load graphics first, sound next" option so that if we keep the sound off, it loads faster on (*ahem*) puny dial-up connections, and/or loads up with a few paltry more pixels.

I mean...some of the stuff I have seen courtesy of YouTube looks *worse* than the grainy "full motion video" that was state of the art on a Sega CD or TurboDuo CD video game system. Surely we can do better than this...

Sorry for going on so. :) It just irks me when the audio/video quality of a download suffers so much and *STILL* takes forever to load. :p

And....yes, part of that "irked" thing is because that catsuit is really really *NICE* on the Spice Girl. I mean you can tell in the still pics how tight the thing is on her. Lovely. :D

Ah well, what can you do? Can't win them all.... :)

Dark said...

Ain't it interesting what performers can where without thinking a thing about it?

Could you imagine women running around NYC in rubber catsuits? Yea.. it would be sexy as hell... and of course, some would wear anything or nothing in public in NYC... but performers really DO push the edge.. don't they? And they get away with it too.

SteveMND said...

"Surely we can do better than this..."

Well, as they say, "You get what you pay for." Considering it's a free service, anyone can upload stuff, and anyone can view it, I think it does pretty well. :-)

SteveMND said...

Oh, BTW -- more pics and another clip available at Kinky Gerlinky.