Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Fetishuniverse: big enough for a tv commercial

but it seems more of a freak show than anywhere i'd want to shop:


Bradley said...


It's gotta be said, sorry. The approach you want is *not* "Freakshow".

What you want is "Classy" not "Trashy". Think of Victoria's Secret stores at your local mall, and not the downtown *porno shop* down the street.

And I get it that the approach works better for some stuff (lingerie, nylon-based tight-n-shinies, perhaps EGL wear) than it would for others (zentai/kigurumi wear, the rubberdoll stuff). Still, I can't see how anyone would be attracted to the Jerry Springer-ish "look at the freaks" approach for the long haul.

But then again...Larry Flint (sp? that fellow who founded _Hustler_ magazine) might prove me wrong on this one, he made his millions on "Trashy", didn't he? ;)

But yeah....why not leave some room for the mundanes to see the warmer, more friendly (romantic) side to dolling (as in, sharing attention and affection versus the power games)? It can't hurt that much can it?

Just saying...

SteveMND said...

"What you want is "Classy" not "Trashy". Think of Victoria's Secret stores at your local mall, and not the downtown *porno shop* down the street."

Yeah, but the point is, this company (and indeed, most latexwear manifacturers) aren't marketing it to the mainstream. They are marketing it to the fetish community, not your local mall.

They market it to the "freakshow" crowd, as you say, because that's who's buying it, more often than not. Not the soccer mom out in Iowa. Sure, there may be the occasional soccer mom or dad that does buy that stuff, but it's pretty few and far between compared to the fetish buyers.

I mean, after all -- the company's name is "FetishUniverse." I don't think they're looking to mainstream it. :-)

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Dark said...

I agree with Asudem... this is more freaky and circus like than what I would call fetish.

Yea you can see latex and some of the iconic looks of fetish, but it is really pushed toward the freaky bizarre... like some of the things you see at SkinTwo ball. I don't find most of that appealing to MY sensibility about fetish.

Freaky is a good word. But some people, I suppose "get off" on this . Kink or fetish is a big tent and getting bigger.

I feel my fetish taste are so 20th century compared to most of this "commercial". hahahaha.

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