Friday, September 14, 2007

another step in my conversion

or rather my avatars conversion in second life.

the latex like glaze slowly converts me as it flows up my body. i stand frozen in the glass pod as the glowing pink chip fills me with hypnotic commands every moment i'm logged into the world.

pitty its not so easy irl



SanderO said...

It still amazes me at how many people express this 24/7 TE fantasy. It is not fun at all past a few minutes or hours.

Orgasms are meant to repeat not go on forever.

It is far better to do a perfect encasement enjoy it and then get out and do it again then think about sealing yourself off.

You can't miss or long for something you have and the longing is a good thing.

All the people, except LLII report very difficult times with long term TE. It's not going to change. Your skin is a vital organ and it needs to be exposed to the air. END OF STORY.

Anonymous said...


I have no doubt that what you're saying is true, ok? But...

This tone you're taking is rather negative. It's rather like you're saying "yep, and high heels are BAD for your feet too...and forget about makeup, that will poison your skin too..."

See what I mean? I'm not *trying* to be offensive here, but's been an Elephant In The Living Room issue, your commentary has been skeptical, then nitpicking, then naysaying to the point of being a *buzzkill*.

If you genuinely believe not one thing here *ever works* or is *ever real*, why are you here? I'm just asking. If this fantasy isn't ever real for you, and you don't enjoy the proceedings enough to *ever* lighten up...why are you here?

And yeah, this is going to be *MY* "End of Story" comment for now....I don't want to step over the line myself. But it does need to be said that your tone as of late is *stifling others* and discouraging them from participating.

Thanks for your time, and my apologies for bringing this up, but someone has to.

--Brad Poe

dapi said...


It's not your fantasy and if you can't enjoy it then don't let the door smack you on the ass as you leave.

SanderO said...

In fact, I like lots of fetish and fantasy, but prefer the reality based stuff. There is a difference you know. While some have and discuss really far out fantasy almost as if they are reality other actually do things which are libable fantasies.. such as dress in latex clothes and wear sharp heel or masking. These can be done in public at the right times if you are daring and some all the time if your are very daring.

I believe Asumdum to be more of a reality based doll fantasy. But she does capture within her wide doll's realm net almost anything which tangentially relates to fetish, latex, fashion and dolls.

I am simply noting the distinction between fetish lifestyle and pure unadulterated unachievable fantasy. I am not a nay sayer... except to point out what is possible and what is not.

In the case of TE endurance it is unhealthy. And attempting it can be dangerous in reality. You want to embrace the fantasy? Go ahead. But achieving something close to it is possible and probably desirable... and that would discussing.

I don't care for the fetish fiction which is completely non reality based either. That's me and I am entitled to my view and to express it... as others are entitled to theirs.

If Asudem is become more fetishy inn her real life I think that is super and encourage her.

blackice said...

Having been around the world a bit - not alot, - a bit as well as the depths of the London fetish clubs for years now, i've found most of all of this is all indoors. Hell the retro 50's look and tattoo-ist are way more visible.

I discovered that too when I was selling off clothing for Sk2 too on ebay. Ok, Sk2 ball has about 3,000 people from around the globe but those are the extraverts and relatively bugger all if you were to drop them into a large city.

Times i've been in NYC i've found bugger all there, nothing in Rome or Prague. Maybe a goth shop or two and thats it.

So to see any of this in public is counted as bonus.

I'll support Asudem in any way I can and not push her at all about going public in anyway.

I think if we enjoy her blog which i'd imagine is still some work she's not getting paid for, then no one should be hassling her to 'go public' wether in public spaces or a photo shoot in Marquis Magazine.


SanderO said...


You are right, this stuff is quite invisible and if you think it not because you scan profiles on fetish site you are in for a rude awakening.

On the other hand, being a New Yorker who has traveled a fair amount, I can say that NYC is a very open and tolerant place as far as dress is concerned... especially in some neighborhoods. There is so much alt this and alt that and personal self expression we hardly take notice. It's just part of the scenery here.

My own experiences wearing latex in NYC revealed that no one gives a damn about me or the lovely lady who I am with also in rubber.

So if you wear rubber clothes which are no completely over the top, no one cares. And I encourage those who want to such as Asudem to go for it.

I am willing to bet a catsuit that she has no problems what so ever.

But you can't make people who are self conscious feel comfortable until they are ready for it... even when no one is looking at them. It's in THEIR head.

Ain't it?

blackice said...

I was in italy last December and picked up a load of the fashion mags as they're cheaper locally of course and dated when they come out and not a few months later.

Amazing spreads, gorgeously and creatively shot and then I look around the public and everyones in fine tailoured clothes but not the rampagent creativey and imagination in the mags.

I talked to a italian woman at the local fetish club and asked her about that and she said it was all for export with the stylists / photographers and whatnot being from abroad (UK in most instances).

Even having pink hair as she did would make her unemployable in italy.


Andre said...

As NY rubberists, my wife and I go out to parties and events all the time in our latex. There are clubs and venues of all sizes, where one can indulge in their latex lifestyle without any reservations. Of course you have to get from point a to point b in rubber right? Problem? Not at all! We've never had a problem with people when wearing latex. We generally illicit smiles (perhaps my wife a few catcalls) or just curious stares, but it never has been an issue. Heck a few weeks ago in Montreal, we walked a few blocks with my wife in total latex enclosure, head to toe and pony gear... I even took photos of her hitched to a parking meter without anyone taking issue. Of course I couldn't understand them, since I don't speak French.

Point is, if you want to live a latex lifestyle you can in RL here in NYC - obviously not 24/7 for health reason - as much as your employment situation allows. I work construction, so I get to wear gloves and respirators a lot! :)

The whole SL thing really seems like a waste of time when the real thing is so much better. I've tried to get into it and found it ultimately unsatisfying, like playing a video game. My advice to Asudem is find someone (be they a group or one person) you can share your fantasies with and make them come true!

Asudem Latex said...

i'm glad Andre that both you and your wife are extroverts - i'm really not much and that department. but its good to know i can go out and have been doing a bit locally when getting newspapers and some food supplies.

as too sl is just a way to chat with similiar people and virtually wear latex i can't afford. thats not saying i'm not wearing latex all day anyway. cos i am :P

dapi said...

I guess it depends upon the culture and how ar people are willing to go to break away from the norms.

Almost every day I see gothlolis on the train and nobody even gives them a second glance, I was in the bank and there was an older woman who was dressed up in a good imitation of Cruella Deville-faux fur, costume jewellry and the hair-really not bad looking for a 40+plus woman. I've seen cosplayers in Shenyang, Shibuya and Bangkok and it looks like the latex leggings will be popular here in Tokyo this winter. They are much too hot for the Spring, Summer and Fall-today it's a cool 34ÂșC.

anthryax said...

damn, 2nd Life doesn't like Windows Vista

perhaps one day

WinterRoseASFR said...

Oddly, I'm more interested in the machine you're being encased in there. If it's the one I'm thinking, is that the one I've seen by the Hypnotrons over in Auras Jinxing's Starheart mall?

Hit me with an IM and let me know what that is willya? I may have to get one. Unless it's something from Hypnotic Magic. Eww.

Sierra said...

Keep working at it Asudem, your desires are what will get you to the next level in real life! Good luck to you, no matter what method you use to get you there. We at Hypnotic Magic, who have always been professional about our comments regarding the competition and will remain so, wish you all the luck and support we can offer you.