Saturday, September 29, 2007

contrasting materials make the outfit work

a set of images lifted from prolific blogger and latex legging leader Susie Bubble. what looks like a medieval leather smock of some sort does actually seem too work well when combined with the right accories - ie primary coloured tights or black latex leggings. oh and long glossy hair really helps too.

apparently a variation is being made by UK's Marks and Spencers who do btw have stores in North America if you know where too look.

according to the Daily Mail women's section the £149 leather dress is the must have item for the fall with Victoria Beckham ordered hers three weeks before the dress reached the stores. she's a UK size 6, is too slim even for the smallest size stocked so will need to get it taken in.

so maybe the opposite would work too? some sort of glossy latex short jacker or rain coat and a solid pair of wooly grey tights?



Shaz said...

i love these types of dresses and i don't think there too hard to pull off, i've seen alot of editorials and blogs in the past with girls wearing them in different ways and they all look great.

I'm trying to find one thats not too expensive, but it's nearly summer here so being wrapped in a leather dress isn't going to help me much :(

SarahJane said...

I love leather dresses like this and agree with Shaz - they are easy to wear, if you treat them as you would any other fabric.
That's Queen Michelle from Kingdom of Style though, not Susie Bubble though.