Wednesday, September 19, 2007

fashion doll in the Sunday Times (UK)

a big thanks to blackice for sending these scans in a few days ago after randomly picking up the Sunday Times newspaper for its fall fashion magazine. looks like it was worth it as there's a 12 page doll inspire fashion shoot which includes a doll box!

he appologised for the crap scans as this was down too 'thin paper used in the magazine and also low dot screen', which is a pitty really as they'd make nice posters. blackice also spotted a few EGL-ish dresses/models in the london fashion week coverage but didn't get the paper in time.

so i also got me thinking, how many readers will see this major spread?

well according to the wiki entry here, its 1.3 million people in sales and i bet a fair number more with families and couples buying only one issue. if u look at the image in the wiki entry of the frount of the ST, the sharp of you will notice the top left corner has a Bob Carlos Clarke image; a photographer i've done entries about before and who certianly likes latex and dolls.




Anonymous said...

Love the pics. ^_^ I wonder what the model did, exactly, to maintain such a constant facial expression in the pictures. The makeup is similar but does change a the model's doing something to make her face *behave* like a mask.

And 1.3 million? That's not bad exposure at all. Especially in a classy, *mainstream* publication.

And....a fair bit of the fashion is "real enough" in terms of not being too over-the-top-weird that we might actually see it *in use* too.

Good news all around! ^_^

--Brad Poe

Anonymous said...

Does this qualify as doll conversion or dollish fashion?

Looks pretty dollish to me, wat was the reason kigurumi isn't dollish again? I kinda forgoten (real question, no implications).