Wednesday, September 05, 2007

chrome waspies

thanks to X for the scan of the D+G add, seems that chrome waspie corsets with locks are a new thing this fashion season. wonder how much they cost and if they'll be knock offs available for us mere mortals.

i did pick up a copy of POP magazine today and there's a full spread of these as well as the advertisments themselves. when i have some time i'll scan them in for an entry.



robinson said...

I saw them in a Zurich shop window lately. The price tag was 3,200 CHF, which would be around 2,400 EUR...

Anonymous said...

I have seen prices ranging from $3k to $6k (*urgh*).

They are gorgeous, though! You need one ;-)


Anonymous said...

A historical note...

Metal corsets were last fashionable during the sixteenth century at the court of Queen Catherine of France (Caterina di Medici). She insisted her ladies in waiting have waists under thirteen inches. The metal corsets also helped prevent assassination. It just goes to show... hang on to your old clothes because some day they'll be fashionable again.

(Incidentally, Catherine was also the first person in history recorded to have worn high-heeled shoes. She was short and ugly, had bulging eyes, and was not even royal, so she needed to make an impression with the ladies at her wedding. Needless to say, she succeeded. I'd almost say she was our sort of lady... but then she did massacre thousands of Huegenots.)

The Font of Odd Facts,
J in San Jose

Benfan said...

I do hope that real metal corsets become popular and widely available. :)

However in the meantime, consider taping the abdomen with some of the aluminum tape used to seal HVAC ducts. Not duct tape, but real aluminum tape, available at better-stocked home improvement stores. Quite shiny, and with careful application over a standard corset might create a nice effect.