Friday, September 14, 2007

maire claire goes to the suburbs

woman's style and fashion magazine Maire Claire goes to the suburbs and finds some very curious and kinky practices starting here.

now thats in the uk, the land of warm beer and latex, but wonder what it would be like in the US or other places? japan for instance?

oh and he saran wrap idea i'd really like to try.



SanderO said...

The UK is definitely one of the kinkier places in the world per capita. It's almost considered normal to be kinky there while in the states at best it's a fashion statement.

The Germans seem to embrace it the most publicly and are into lots of severe or heavy scenes.

But I would think that there are plenty of kinky things going on behind closed doors because someone is buying all this gear and using it and you don't see it on the street.

Look at you... you are pretty much a closeted fetish doll aside from this blog.... doing lots of latex and extreme heels home. Most people are like you... they are not comfortable doing perv in public.

Rubber as fashion doesn't seem to get much of a rise in NYC. I see all sorts of weird shit and no one seems to even care or notice. Shiny just looks "impractical".

I saw a gal in Leboutins in SoHo yesterday. She looked good. yea...

K-8 said...

Oh yes, I highly recommend saran wrap, from personal experience. ;-)

(Though a vacbed gets much the same effect with less work for the top...but is also more expensive.)

Andre said...

Nice find. I'd gander a bet that fetishism and kink are far more common than you might think. In NY, there isn't that much of it around in public because the economics of the club scene makes for a difficult time to find good venues for fetish fun. Over my relatively short time hanging out in the fetish scene in NY, I've met a lot of rubberists and I meet more all the time!