Sunday, September 16, 2007

wearing fetish clothes in public

latex leggings definately, i think the outfit is Daniel Pough.



SanderO said...

I have no idea who Daniel Pough is, but this is strikes me as a silly self absorbed "video". It obviously appeals to fetish centric people who are envious of those who can freely indulge in their clothing fetishes.

Interesting outfit... but not really to my taste as she looks like a work of art, not a female.

Are wearing latex leggings ie tights with attached feet practical? What about accumulated sweat and slipping around inside them?

Would they feel too hot or too cold?

I like the look, but wonder how practical they are for more than a few hours.

Andre said...

She's hot when she's stumbling home with fish and chips in her hand...

Latex tights with feet do accumulate water, but they are fine to wear for a night out - the thinner the rubber the better.

Anonymous said...

--Ok, for starters....yes, this is a music video. As such, you can *expect it* to be cute, cheesy and staged. Duh. But honestly I have seen *much worse* in this regard (anything from "N*Sync" comes to mind fairly quickly as *worse*).

--Anyone who has actually *worn* latex with boots or shoes on can tell you that foot-slippage is a whole *LOT* less likely to happen once the shoes or boots are on.

--It's clear from the first *frame* of the video that she's rather hot (sweating) and uncomfortable in the outfit.

And now that the obvious crap is out of the way... ^_^

I like most of the outfit. ^_^ It is really cute in a Jack In The Box (or Jill In The Box?) sort of way. And her heels are fairly high, so this does rather prove that people *can and do* walk in fairly high heels.

About the only thing I'd change is the hairclip/headpiece. That is a bit *too much*. It looks like one of the Pointer Diamonds from a *Sims* game.

But then again, maybe that is the point...that she's Miss Over The Top in an otherwise ordinary world. Maybe.

Cute video, over all. I rather liked it. ^_^

--Brad Poe

SanderO said...

I see gals in very tall heels in NYC all the time. They are wearable by some. Who knows how they suffer though... they do wear them.

The clothes in that silly video overpower the person and become the "thing". it's not working the way fetish clothes do, which is to draw attention to the wearer as a highly sexualized person. The lools lost in that outfit and not the least bit sexy to my eyes.

If my date choose to be daring and wear that, I'd tell her to change and wear a catsuit for example, if she wants to be outrageous. But no one seems to notice her so despite her clown costume she is invisible and goes home and sleeps in that rig.. Now that's weird.

Anonymous said...

it's gareth pugh. the outfit is straight off the runway from either last season or the one before. (very fetishy, with zentai and full face hoods/masks.) i think the video is more a reference to the sensation that collection made on the london/uk fashion scene than to fetishism, though. also that collection and a couple others are why latex legging have been a mainstay in fashion shoots recently.

sneewittchen said...
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sneewittchen said...

yes, gareth pugh. spring 07 colletion:

also see his mini-retrospective at the v&a: