Friday, September 21, 2007

maybe people will pay to see latex in the street

a subject that always comes up here both by myself and with relentless comments and interpretations by vocal readers is the wearing of fetish clothes outside the bedroom and house.

well if there's not many people wandering around for you to get your secret thrill from then i bet you wish you lived in Copenhagen where public fetish girls apparently is based and generates their content from.

such a simple concept, sort of like girl next door porn videos, its a pay site totally dedicated to women in fetishistic clothes in public spaces, just going about their business.

so i wonder how the entire system works for paying the models on the site? do they stalk anyting shiny with mobile phones with video mode? what about model releases? could i film myself and send it in for payment?



SanderO said...

I sense this is just another type of fetish modeling site. It would be almost impossible to catch the random perv running around in public on video. So these are staged.

Instead of erotica done in studios or for "fetish/glamorous" purposes, they have their models on the street doing mundane things in fetish attire which probably is not the extreme stuff.

It's a fine idea and approaches candid camera stuff and may reveal people's real reactions or interaction with people in fetish attire. That would be interesting.

One preview I saw was a catsuited and corsetted female in stilettos siting in a mall an people walked by and no one either noticed or reacted. It was almost as if she wasn't there... invisible.

In the end it's just a clever way to make a pay site and probably underwrite the production cost.

I hope it as a positive influence on the fetish genre.

Let's see.

Agithe said...

Okay there moment I saw that photo I knew what photo had been tag I in one of the new S-tog (S-train). And after reading the text and looking at the side, well I could see that the photos was taken in places were I travel almost daily, and of course these are staged, and but those taken during the day well if it is a normal weekday those places are almost empty.
But ja you can properly see people's real reactions but the models are not wearing anything that one wouldn’t normally see around town. Latex and pvc leggings joust looks like leather pants if you are not looking, and the same goes for jacket, just normal day stuff if your not looking.

they did an experiment a year or two ago at a gas station, where they had the person working there would drop the changes then bend down to pick it up, and when out of side another person would get up in there place when they did it girl to girl almost no one noticed it, then they did it girl to guy and guy to girl, and les then 40% of people noticed that the person that they ware doing business with had change gender, and if people noticed that why would they se that it wasn’t just someone wearing leather pants and jacket and that is a almost normal ting to see.

and of course some people looks and I am going to look an extra time next time I se girl in some thing tight or/and shiny.