Monday, September 10, 2007

pink hair goes well on dolls and mannequins

but how about real poeple? anyone spot pink haired women, girls or?

thanks to john for all the images



SanderO said...

Wife's daughter has shocking pink long hair. She says it's a new fad on real hip hop girls. I noticed a blond with pink streaks working as waitress in Newport. She looked rather "normal" aside from her tresses... but I didn't close enough to notice any bod mods.

Pink hair seems to be in these days.

Cube said...

One of my friends definitely rocks the pink hair. I have a feeling to her it's also in the shuny/otherworldly sense that you're thinking as well.

sick puppy said...

Pink, the singer has (or used to) pink hair.

dapi said...

Lots of Japanese girls either have pink hair these days. Most likely it's a wig as dying your hair is something large companies and schools really get worked up over.

SanderO said...

I prefer blue hair to pink if you want to make it a pure non hair like color.

Luiz said...

My hairdresser have her hair half pink half black

blackice said...

I've seen a fair bit of pink haired people around brighton over last few months. took a photo of a couple of mannequins in Edinburgh with pink bobs.

Oh and fashion trend here is the solid strong colours of leggings and tights now. American Aparel has opened a big store but not seen the pvc or silver leggins anywhere public


Benfan said...

Pink rules. Best colors for a doll are mix of pink and white.

IMO, of course.