Sunday, September 23, 2007

simon O's black latex doll

seems more and more latex designers and playing around with the idea of the latex doll. libidex was the first modern design, followed by Marquis and when i asked Simon O - who reads this blow btw - he kindly sent me these photos.

the design is essentially his catsuit with hood and gloves and a rather unique lining for both the mouth and pussy. not sure if you can see out of the suit at all.

its somewhat darker than the cartoon versions made by other designers, this one will still appeal to those wanting to explore their really kinky side.

still, as you can see it makes the doll very easy to clean for next time.

on a lighter note he's also working with new types of latex, the semitransparent gold one bellow is just gorgrous and a yummy way to become a bond girl without the messy paint.



Sebastian said...

That is a lovely suit, I like the addition of the nipples and rings. Piercing is not one of my things but ascetically it works out nicely.
The transparent gold and other metallic would be great for a vac bed or a sleep sack. Makes me thing of Barbarella

Anonymous said...

Aren't those images from series 26 of latexcult? See:

Anonymous said...

The first image is divine. So beautifully fitted, just like a shiny doll should be. I agree, it looks like there are no eyeholes in the hood, which makes it even more exciting. I love the special inserts too. Would love to be dressed like that!!!

Anonymous said...

It's just somewhat unfortunate that the exact same suit costs over seven hundred American dollars (If I did the Euro-dollar conversion correctly). But that is just about the greatest latex suit I could fantasize about.

Anonymous said...


Yes you are right the photos are from latexcult. We started latexcult in the Year 2002. This year we sold the site. The suit shown on the photos are made in the Year 2003. So the suit exists already 4 years.
I am very glad that you like the design.

Yours sincerely Simon O.

Andre said...

Yes lovely suits. I dig the internal sheeth design. Here's a photo of my doll with another doll who is wearing the hood at the recent Montreal Fetish Weekend:

The metallic suits are fantastic too, especially for fembot RP. That's on my list of must buys!

jenny said...

i like this suit.would love to be dressed like this.can i buy a suit like this somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. I true living fuck toy.. >:) Perfect inspiration for my story I am working on.. >:)


Anonymous said...


The suit comes from the Simon O range at

If you decide to rubber doll yourself, please post pics :p

jenny said...

thx for the link,and ill maybe do that,posting pics i mean.

Anonymous said...

Simon O, you've had some of the most incredible fetish images over the years on your site. Sometimes I think with others, "they got this beautiful creature encased in shiny eye candy, and still didn't get it right".
YOU get it right, damn near every time. The pose, the lights, the attitude of the model, and of course the suit you "poured them into". Bravo.
J. san diego.

Jennifer said...

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