Sunday, September 23, 2007

heel-less; there's nothing new in fashion

after doing some google-ing about the heel-less shoes i did find some more images of them and just a bit more info. seems all the comments on one shoe blog (yes they do exist) pointed out that that style existed with the designs of Junko Shimada which work on the same princinple but ugly imho even if they do have a higher heel(less) / arch.

then there were the shoes like that seen in amsterdam by a reader and were to be found on a stripper shoe site.

but we can go beack even further than a few years go, to the fantasy futures of 1950's pulp sci-fi magazines. well i'm wearing them now so it must be the future.



Anonymous said...

Why do I get the feeling the machine on the Galaxy cover is about to malfunction and convert the poor girl into a mannequin?


dapi said...

Possibly because that was what the story was about. I remember one story where the space travelers lived out their journey as crystalline statues and were supposed to be awakened when planetfall was made.

dianabobar said...

great post! I just got a latex longer skirt that I'll wear as a mini dress. I can't wait to sex it, tighten it and make it work!:)

Shaz said...

oh well there you go, Mr Marc jacobs isn't as creative as he would like to think he is, great research behind the emergence of the shoe!