Saturday, September 29, 2007

so what about part 1?

seems the House of Gord DVDs are now out but what about part 1? has anyone seen it and can make a comment or a review?



Anonymous said...

Check back on the first time you asked for this. I did a quick review of both.


Asudem Latex said...

oops. i guess the entries pushed it back onto other pages and never saw it.

can u repost it here or do u mind if i do?


Deity said...

Dollmaker I

TheThinMan said...

Reposted from whenever the heck I originally wrote this:

I just finished watching them, and my verdict can be summed up thusly:

Aside from a great forniphilia scene, the only really fun part of Part 1 was a 30 second throwaway bit involving a french maid and an 'mmmph'ing box. For a 50 dollar movie about dollification, there wasn't enough dolling and far too much exposition and stock footage. No matter how much I want to, after years of looking forward to this movie, I simply can't recommend it.

Part 2 has wall to wall dolls, all done up in the House of Gord style. While some bits needed editing, there were numerous memorable scenes, including the return of the noisy box, multiple packaging scenes, an Obedience rig, Charlotte Brooks after 4 days in bondage, and more latex and ballet boots than you can shake a crop at. There's even a recap at the beginning for anyone taking my advice about giving Part 1 a miss.

Neither part has nearly the polish or dedication to theme as the Rubber Sisters doll collector movie, but I genuinely enjoyed Part 2. Beside's, Gord's a great guy, and, though I can't give him a free pass as an art critic, I can say that money spent on these DVDs will be going into deserving hands.

Anonymous said...

Ditto that, I've sprung for a month or two membership at his site several times, he definately seems to be one of the most stand up guys in the business.
I wouldn't want to be the guy doing his books who has to go over the monthly invoices from McMaster-Carr or Grainger's. (or whoever his hardware supplier is.)
Anyway I got the series of photos with Eden Wells in the ballerina toy box, what an incredible series, particularly when they lower the lid and secure it and it squishes her rubber encased breasts and her breath begins to fog the plexi. You can also tell at the end when they stand her up (the box, actually, she's along for the ride) and open it up but stop for a few more shots, she's getting quite perturbed at the discomfort of her situation.